Stand Alone Pathology Services

Palamur Bio’s stand alone services offer an extended support for the Discovery phase of device development as well as regulatory submissions. Our scientific expertise provides the customization of these services as per the client’s need. The cost effectiveness, highest quality, quick turnaround time and regulatory support are the forte of our services.

Our GLP certified Pathology department is core to determining the effects of an agrochemical, pharmaceutical compound, and medical devices in a test system. Pathology is a supporting department in drug discovery and preclinical CRO’s and is a vital pillar for any CRO. Pathologists are deciding the outcome of study as well as the safety of a drug, compound, device or vaccine. The pathologist identifies, characterizes and manages risk versus benefit.

  • 1. Clinical Pathology

    It’s a part of pathology helps to identify the toxicity progression during the study and its correlation helpful for identifying target organ in the histopathology. Also monitor animal health in collaboration with veterinarian. Advising to the toxicologist and study directors for inclusions of appropriate biomarkers test in the study protocol development.

    • Hematology
    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Coagulation Analysis
    • Electrolyte Analysis
    • Urine Analysis
    • Blood Gas Analysis
  • 2. Gross and Histopathology

    It’s very important phase of preclinical study to decide the safety dose by deriving NOAEL and NOEL.

    • Necropsy and organ collection
    • Organ weighing
    • Tissue trimming
    • Tissue processing (for paraffin and resin)
    • Tissue embedding - Paraffin and resin
    • Tissue sectioning – Paraffin and resin
    • Tissue staining and mounting – H & E (Routine)
    • Special Staining: Collagen fiber (Masson trichrome and Sirius Red), Nervous tissues (Luxol Fast Blue, Silver Nitrate, Congo Red, Cresyl Violet), Elastic fiber (Elastic Van Gieson) and any other stains on demand.
    • Immunohistochemistry: CD31, VEGF, HER2, etc…
    • Skin layer separation
    • Computer assisted image analysis (Size, Shape, Length and percent positively stained area etc…)
    • Hydroxyproline assay (Collagen estimation)
    • Histopathology services for animal Model like psoriasis, APAP, EAE, PAH, NASH, IPF, Liver fibrosis, Colitis etc.