Agro Chemical

Palamur Biosciences is fully OECD-GLP compliant facility managed by experienced personnel for regulatory requirements on AGROCHEMICALS (includes pesticides, herbicides & fungicides) testing services.

Our vast experience and in-depth knowledge ensures that the projects are managed by experts who help in bring the product to market quickly and cost-effectively on ensuring the safety, efficacy, quality, purity & regulatory needs of your Agrochemical Product.

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Contact Details: Dr. S Ramamoorthy, CEO,

  • We perform below listed regulatory studies in compliance with GLP
    • Sub-acute toxicity studies
    • Ecotoxicity studies
    • 5-Batch Analysis
    • Inhalation toxicity studies
    • Sub-chronic toxicity studies
    • Bioaccumulation studies
    • Physical Chemical Studies
    • Acute Six pack Toxicity studies
    • Reproductive toxicity studies
    • Mutagenicity studies (AMES, MNT, Invitro CA, Invitro MNT, Cell gene mutation assay)
    • Residue studies in Water, Soil and Air