Maintaining world class service standards
and following a client-centric approach

Sector aligned toxicity studies

Pharma and Biotech Products Toxicity studies

Palamur undertakes testing of Pharma and Biopharma products using the following GLP toxicity studies in both rodents and non rodents (Beagle Dogs):

  • MTD studies
  • Dose Range finding studies
  • Phamacokinetic and Toxicokinetic studies
  • Palatability studies
  • Vaccine Efficacy studies
  • Acute Toxicity studies
  • Sub acute Toxicity studies
  • Sub chronic and chronic Toxicity studies
  • Reproductive Toxicity studies
  • In vitro Toxicity studies

Crop Care Products Toxicity studies

Palamur is well versed with all type of studies required for regulatory approval of crop care products. The following GLP toxicity studies are in place for using rodents and Beagle Dogs:

  • Acute Toxicity studies
  • Sub acute Toxicity studies
  • Sub chronic and chronic Toxicity studies
  • Carcinogenicity studies
  • Reproductive Toxicity studies
  • In vitro Toxicity studies
  • Metabolism studies in Live stock (Non-Radio label)

Inhalation Toxicology Studies

We are specialists in conducting exposed inhalation studies for both pharma and crop care products. The following inhalation GLP toxicity studies are conducted

  • Acute Inhalation Toxicity studies
  • Sub acute Inhalation Toxicity studies
  • Sub chronic and chronic Inhalation Toxicity studies
  • Customized Inhalation Toxicity studies

In-vitro Toxicity Studies

Our current in-vitro services include the following:

  • Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test (Ames test) – Full
  • Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test (Ames test) – Mini
  • In Vitro Chromosomal Aberration Test using Human Lymphocytes / CHO
  • In Vivo Chromosomal Aberration Test in rat
  • In Vivo Micronucleus Test in mice
  • In Vitro Micronucleus Test
  • Mouse Lymphoma Assay
  • Cytotoxicity Test using Balbc cell line

Cosmetic – Alternative Assays

We conduct the following alternative assays to the cosmetic products

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Resistance Test in rats – Skin Corrosion
  • Skin Corrosion / Absorption test using Human Reconstructed skin
  • Hen’s Egg Test – Choroiallantoic Membrane – Eye Irritation

Medical Device Testing

We currently performing the following biocompatibility studies in the medical devices

  • Cytotoxicity Test
  • Sensitization study in Guinea Pigs
  • Irritation / Intracutaneous test in Rabbits
  • Acute Systemic Toxicity Test in Mice
  • Sub chronic Toxicity Studies in rat / rabbits
  • Genotoxicity Studies
  • Implantation Toxicity Studies
  • Hematocompatability Study

Eco-toxicology Studies

We currently perform the following Ecotoxicology studies for crop care chemicals


  • Algae Growth Inhibition Test
  • Acute Immobilization Daphnia
  • Acute Fish Toxicity Test
  • Fish Prolonged  Toxicity Test
  • Lemna Growth Inhibition Test


  • Honey Bee Toxicity study (Oral / Contact)
  • Acute Earthworm Toxicity Test
  • Earthworm Reproduction Test
  • Acute Oral toxicity study in Birds
  • Acute Dietary toxicity study in Birds

Analytical Chemistry Studies

We currently undertake the following Analytical Chemistry studies

  • Characterization
  • Five Batch Analysis
  • Analytical Method Development and Validation
  • Persistence studies in Soil, Water and Air
  • Stability studies
  • Dose Formulation Analysis
  • Residue Analysis

Animals Sales Services

Palamur is approved by Government of India for commercial breeding and trading for both rodents and Beagle Dogs. All the stringent husbandry practices are employed to ensure best-in-class quality standards and our animals are supplied to all research facilities in India. The following animals are available with Palamur for trading.  

  • Rat – Wistar, Sprague Dawley
  • Mice – Swiss Albino, Balbc, C57
  • Rabbit – New Zeland White
  • Guinea Pigs – Dunkin Hartley
  • Beagle Dogs – Isoquimen Brand