Best in class laboratory animals

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Best in class laboratory animals

Palamur Bio is a specalised laboratory animal breeder providing best-in-class beagles, mice, guinea pigs etc. for the leading pharmaceutical, biological and agrochemical companies globally.

Palamur’s goal is to support research projects by providing breeding services in a sterile environment. We can breed and maintain your strain of interest and deliver animals for experiment at designated time points or at your request. Simply provide us with your strain of interest and project goals and we will breed accordingly to meet your experimental needs. Further our range of toxicology experts can also entirely conduct your research activities on your behalf or provide advice as needed.

Breeding Services

All breeding services are performed by experienced technicians and we ensure adherence to AALAC standers. Some of the activities taken up by our breeding technicians include (but are not limited to):

  • Setting up matings; sexing and weaning pups
  • Animal identification via ear notch, ear tag, or tattoo
  • Timed matings and copulation plug checks
  • Blood collection
  • IP or SQ injections
  • Litter weight at weaning
  • Perinatal screens
  • Antibiotic water administration
  • Special diet (must be irradiated)
  • Rederivation of cryopreserved or existing lines


The breeding services are provided through dedicated Breeding acility with increased barrier procedures and a higher health status. Animals housed in this area are screened for all pathogens excluded at other facilities, but are also screened for Helicobacter, Murine Norovirus, and Pasteurella pneumotropica. In order to maintain this high health status, animals may not enter the facility unless they are rederived from an existing colony or are shipped directly from an approved vendor and undergo a quarantine period of 5 weeks (matings can be set up after 3 weeks when the sentinel is screened). In addition only trained personnel are allowed access to the barrier – laboratory staff does not have access to these rooms. All mice in the barrier are housed in Innovive ventilated microisolator cages. Forceps soaked in disinfectant are used to handle mice during cage changing. Water is purified through acidification. Special diets and/or water treatment can be provided per investigator request (all diets must be irradiated).


We maintain breeding records using breeding colony management software that tracks stock/strain/line and heritage. Investigators may request breeding scheme strategy adjustments at any time by e-mailing requests to the Breeding Core Supervisor. Culling by gender, genotype, or age can also be performed to meet the needs of individual studies.

Overview of laboratory animal provided by Palamur

Palamur is approved by Government of India for commercial breeding and trading for both rodents and Beagle Dogs. All the stringent husbandry practices are employed to ensure best-in-class quality standards and our animals are supplied to all research facilities in India. The following animals are available with Palamur for trading:

  • Rat – Wistar, Sprague Dawley
  • Mice – Swiss Albino, Balbc, C57
  • Rabbit – New Zeland White
  • Guinea Pigs – Dunkin Hartley
  • Beagle Dogs – Isoquimen Brand